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Eric Douay

Eric Douay is the Founder of Fair Merchant Solutions

Since 2007, Eric Douay has helped businesses – both large and small – streamline business practices and reduce costs of merchant processing, sales, and invoicing.

Since then, Eric has dedicated himself to optimizing payment processing systems for his private clients, he has helped hundreds of merchants – collectively generating hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions – save SERIOUS money for their businesses.


Educating, empowering and liberating merchants from the tyranny of excessive transaction fees and unfair treatment given by payment processing companies. This is a new era of service that merchants will experience, on-line, in store and everywhere else, thanks to Fair Merchant Solutions.

We have mastered the payment processing game and based on the transactional trends and merchant profile analysis, we guarantee that we will generate the forecasted savings. Otherwise, we will refund the equivalent of the un-realized savings, based on the data provided to me. Absolutely nobody does that in the merchant services and payment solutions. The only thing competitors will guarantee merchants is that they will try to make the most money out of your merchant account.


Fair Merchant Solutions offers payments solutions to companies of all sizes.

Thanks to its payment solutions network, Fair Merchant Solutions can support your merchant services, in 243 countries, in over 180 currencies and payment methods and connected with 190 global banks.

It will enable you to have a local presence, with a global reach, in nearly every corner of North America, like in the rest of the world.

We want to become your point of convergence and your reference for fair and profitable payment solutions.

Our Mission

When a merchant solutions company is making sure, that it contributes to the merchant’s bottom line and always considers, what is the best model for the merchant processing needs and wants, it is no longer another merchant solutions provider, but a partner of the merchant’s success. Then and there, you know you are working with the right merchant solutions company.


When choosing a Merchant Services provider, the challenge is balancing quality of service against what they charge you for the service. And given all the legal mumbo-jumbo you have to wade through when you sign up, it’s almost a sure bet you could well miss some of the hidden fees and processing charges buried deep within.

What's Next...

Request a FREE Merchant Analysis & Optimization Blueprint to discover your transaction trends and merchant processing profile. We will review your current merchant statements for a representative period of time. From that, we can tailor a customized rates scenario that will reduce your processing cost and will reduce the impact of these fees on their profitability.

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