Finding the Right Merchant Solutions For Your Business Goals

There are a variety of motivating factors to evaluate the possibility of migrating from one merchant services provider to another. Rates are not always the final reason to change provider. Also, in conjunction with the various pricing strategies, there are others factors that motivate the decision to change payment processing supplier, such as:

  • Integration of payment gateway to merchants’ business systems.
  • Access to prime technology services (i.e.: shopping cart, mobile payments, multi-currencies processing, e-invoicing, electronic funds transfer).
  • Access to highest standards of security (i.e.: PCI Standards compliance).
  • Frequency of funding (i.e.: everyday funding vs. weekly funding).
  • Removal or reduced collateral requirement compared to the current one (i.e.: security deposits, letter of credit, rolling reserve, hold backs).

Credit-Card-MerchantCredit Card Processing

Online-MerchantOnline & eCommerce

Mobile-MerchantMobile Payments

Mobile Payments | Virtual Terminal | Online Payments | Online Invoicing | Fraud Prevention

Choosing the right merchant solutions company is essential, as it provides advantages that translate directly into more profits, for the company:

  • Open dialogue that offset any misunderstanding and intimidation
  • Full disclosure and transparency about merchant fees
  • Better understanding and learning about the merchant statements
  • Increased control of the merchant processing fees
  • Secured payment gateway ensuring protection of transactions and daily deposits
  • Guaranteed 24/7 technical and customer support

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