Fraud Prevention and Data Protection

We provide access to truly world class fraud detection programs that manage fraud profiles at the site level and detect fraud indicators at checkout—for some of the best brands on the planet. This comprehensive risk management programs leverage the most complete set of real-time fraud detection tools in the industry, along with a team of highly trained global risk and compliance experts. Therefore, very fast fraud decisions based on products and industry customized rules can be made.

Comprehensive fraud screening and management with access to global community fraud data collected, from processing an estimated $30 billion for over 100,000 sites worldwide in 2014, contribute to protecting your profits.

Smart technologies identify risks proactively—before it costs you money and manual review time.

We are proud to be have developed strong relationships with leading companies in the field of risk prevention and fraud protection. As a valued merchant, you will be able to benefit of an intelligent engine that learns to identify fraudulent or suspicious transactions based on patterns and trends collected from billions of transactions, without exposing any of your customer information to other community members

This patented fraud technology contains some of the most advanced fraud protection tools available today, such as: IP Geolocation, device fingerprinting, proxy piercing, velocity checks and cross-linked transactions.

Also, by utilizing tokenization, clients’ payment information is encrypted and securely stored, adhering to PCI compliance standards.

Moreover, it is essential to select a payment solutions provided that is non-negotiable when it comes to complying exhaustively with industry standards such as Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

Finally, the in-house experience and expertise of risk and fraud support teams help our merchant face every day, with serenity and confidence, the risk challenges linked to specific locales and/or business models.

To learn more about how Fair Merchant Solutions can give you back full control of your transactions security, with our fraud prevention and data protection solutions, please reach out to one of our fair specialists.