Online Payments

If your customers are found mostly on-line, then you definitely need our secure and hack-free on-line payment processing environment. We can provide you with a tailored e-commerce solution and an ultra-secure on-line payment gateway – whether it is an hosted check-out solution, a shopping cart or any other on-line payment gateway. And your customers can efficiently shop on your website, with total peace of mind when they enter their credit or debit card information.

Thanks to its highest level of data security, the on-line payment solution we provide supports the merchant PCI compliance initiatives.

In addition to the security, some key features allows you to:

  • Direct deposit of authorized MasterCard and Visa sales into your business account
  • Secure file transfers (with 128 bit SSL encryption)
  • Detailed reporting of authorized and settled transactions you can access online or via response files
  • Card Verification Data (CVD) validation (supported)
  • Downloadable reports that can be seamlessly imported to your applications
  • Individual cardholder records that help simplify account reconciliation

To learn more about how Fair Merchant Solutions can give you back full control of your merchant transactions fees, with our on-line payment solution, please reach out to one of our fair specialists.